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fondazione incontri madruzzo

Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo was established in 1985 and since then they have been pursuing aims of social solidarity by expanding and developing the Culture of Health through comprehensive and intense activities focused on international symposia and meetings as well as humanitarian projects carried out also with the collaboration of international bodies such as the European Union and the World Health Organization.
Each project has been and will still be financially self-supporting. Based on their statute and fundamental beliefs, the Foundation has always been independent and has always acted in full freedom, without being bound to any sponsoring entity or body outside their organization, by being capable of undertaking activities and projects only after achieving their budget targets through their own fully autonomous fund-raising activity.
Within the length of time of three decades, this type of approach has necessarily involved periods of intense activity, sometimes followed by less hectic ones, as required by the very nature of non-profit organizations.
Volunteer-based and non-profit activities require funds to support their projects and interventions: the financial issue is therefore a quite critical issue and cash-flow can never be taken for granted and cannot be easily maintained. This is the reason why we have less heard of Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo recently, even if their work has kept silent but constant, while being firmly rooted in their own fundamental principals, and this is all the more true when thinking that over the next few months, they are going to introduce new important projects which will involve, as usual, experts from several areas of expertise: medical science and social matters, organizational issues and economic subjects, politics and philosophy.
Health will still be the underlying leitmotif: a universal and vital asset for the human being, which can be safeguarded and developed, only when recognized as a key-role player in the process of development.

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