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It all started about thirty years ago in the historical site of the Madruzzo’s Castle n Trento, in those rooms, where in the XVI century important people of the temporal and spiritual power met. Every year, the civic consciousness and the intellectual commitment, almost in a sort of retract and meditation, far away from the media clamour gather important members in order to debate the well being of millions of people and often concerning the very difficult solutions, with a particular outlook “ Human Health ” . As results of these symposia arise quite naturally, the basic idea of Incontri Foundation of Madruzzo, founded in 1985, to sensitize international government celebrities, of science and culture about the theme of the Culture of Healthcare The purpose of this spontaneous and no profit association, is the one to provide a high scientific, cultural and technical supervision to those governing bodies in charge of political and economic management that cannot be disregarded because of their skilled profession.


A sustained effort

The Culture of Healthcare is the topic of the debates that the Foundation has internationally promoted since its outset, so that specialists can converse with each other regarding the various matters not only related to the health care, but even about social, organizational, financial, political and ethical-moral problems.
First of all the axiom is that Health Care is a primary need and that no one can live without it, it is a right of every individual, every Human Being everywhere. It is a simple unquestionable concept, a general purpose; however, it is countered by the reality of the world where in the second Millennium there are still many people without this right.
Because of such values and the respect for the perseverant work of the founder and Chairman Mario Emanuele Bianchetti the European Union has often involved the Foundation in the implementation of important initiatives due to spread the Healthcare promotion meaning.
Over the years, the Foundation also developed local and international projects and conferences regarding the Healthcare in cooperation with the World Health Organization.
For instance, between 1993 and 1995, with the cooperation of WHO Copenhagen, Yale University, the Public Administration Office of London and the Institutional Bodies of the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, they started a project prologue lasting three-year (1998-2000), the The Verona Initiative.
The Foundation has played and has being playing a major role in other important Healthcare theme over the years. Another successful project was the Tahta - Trieste Action for Health Technology Assessment< (introduced at the end of 2000 with the patronage of the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and with the cooperation of Incontri Foundation of Madruzzo, Ital TBS Spa, the Area Science Park, and the University of Trieste). The debate " Reviewing the Healthcare Reform in Italy " a 1988 study for the reorganization of the National Health Service . Until the ambitious project to set up a European Healthcare System. Nobel bonuses, rectors of major Universities in Europe and the United States, politicians, scientists and government leaders attended these events. Thanks to these meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and interdisciplinary study of innovative projects, the Foundation collaborated to identify new policies and coordination strategies, presenting the contribution of international experience in the documents submitted by the proper Institutional Bodies.

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