culture of health

Health has always been a primary, universal and vital asset for everybody.

Every human being has the right to health, which is definitely the foremost source of a developed society. Theoretically, we would all agree on this easy principle which, however, is not always put into practice. Health indeed, is an asset to the community, it is a status of full physical, psychical and social wellbeing, that governments and authorities should consider a priority as well as a condition to be guaranteed to any world citizen through an efficient health care system. The efforts and the commitment undertaken by Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo consist in strengthening and spreading the Culture of Health which, on one hand, can help provide ideas and support to the health care system compartments based on the key issues of the common good, and, on the other hand, can support every human being to become more conscious about themselves and their body as well as fully aware of their own health. Without any fear or hesitation, they can simply learn how to employ their own natural human perception. The Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo works along these two directions and operates concretely with humanitarian projects both in Italy and all those areas around the world where support and aid are required. Furthermore, they go on fostering and promoting the international dialogue between public authorities and representatives of the medical, philosophical, economical and political universe, with the aim of providing guidelines, hints and instruments to those who deal with and are in charge of protecting health care in the exclusive and only interest of the community. Not only are physicians involved, but also experts in several fields, philosophy, ethics and astrophysics included. Despite its being an essentially primary and simple concept indeed, health is strongly linked to life and to be safeguarded, it requires a global approach which unleashes all key players and universes involved by the human existence.

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