Madruzzo's Castel

castello madruzzo

It is the centre of the first symposia where thirty years ago the Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo has been founded. The manor house sits at the foot of Monte Bondone, it has an unknown origin but certainly, around the 1100’s, the family "of Castel Madruzzo" settled and stayed there throughout the centuries.

It was however in 1550, with the Cardinal Cristoforo, Prince of the Church in Rome and friend of Charles V, that the Madruzzo family became famous. The most notable event of the bishopric of Cristoforo Madruzzo is the opening of the famous Council in 1545, in Trento to which Cristoforo attended, often contrasting the Cardinal del Monte, the papal representative that in 1550 became Pope with the name of Giulio III.

The traditions of this impressive splendour marked the new Episcopalian bishop: richness, trading, and the political and military influenced the whole world of that time. The residence welcomed the most important people of a troubled Europe passing through Trento at that time.

Nowadays, in the third millennium, it’s the Home of “Incontri Foundation of Madruzzo”. In the same rooms of the castle where the protagonists of the ancient world gathered, the famous members of the political, scientific, and cultural meet even nowadays during international symposia focusing about the Worldwide Healthcare.

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