No project can exist if no proper supporting structure and financial coverage do exist. This is the core of the entire project-conceiving machine of Fondazione Incontri di Madruzzo which have always pursued three main objectives:

  1. compliance with humanitarian and/or social aims

  2. financial coverage

  3. project-related structure

based on these key requirements, stated since the very origin of the Foundation, they are now ready to undertake four new projects:

The Cities of the Sun

We are talking about service-cities, close to the main Italian metropolis and dedicated to the wellbeing of the elderly and the children: satellite cities, tailored on needs and interests of both users. Medical and paramedical care will be provided to the elderly through facilities which will make implements and professionals available for the treatment of their pathologies. Next to these facilities, social recreation day centres will also be provided for entertainment and sport activities. The same setting will be conceived for the children’s Cities of the Sun, with health care facilities focussed on the psychophysical care and prevention (outpatients’ departments, analysis centres, counselling) along with aided recreation centres.

“Health comes from the Sea”

“Floating” health care units will provide medical care and prevention to the populations of the sea-bordering states where various health care is poor or nonexistent at all. For this purpose, four ships will be employed and equipped with diagnostic equipment and medical laboratories and specialist medical and paramedical staff will provide travelling care off the coast.

You are not Alone

The project is addressed to those countries where strong help is still needed by people suffering from easily curable diseases which however, because of depression, solitude, neglect and lack of hygiene, can get worse without the essential medical aid.

Learning for Helping

It is the third new project, strongly linked to the two previous new Foundation projects; it involves the establishment of schools and training centres in strategic areas which are deemed to provide qualified staff dealing with the two projects; besides introducing and conveying the fundamental criteria of the Culture of Health, the centres will train the staff needed on the ships for “Health comes from the sea” and in the areas involved by the project “You are not Alone”.

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