Learning for Helping

conoscere per aiutare

Schools and training centres in strategic areas which, besides introducing and conveying the fundamental criteria of the Culture of Health, will provide qualified staff needed on the ships for “Health comes from the sea” and in the areas involved by the project “You are not Alone”.







Guidelines and Main Features


Set up schools and training centres in strategic areas to guarantee the training of skilled staff and therefore the presence of qualified staff later needed on the ships addressed to the project “Health comes from the sea” and in the areas involved by the project “You are not Alone”.

Potential Project Location

The staff training centres shall be set up in areas which shall be identified in some developed countries. These areas shall be located close to the most prestigious Universities of Medicine and University Schools of other academic disciplines, in order to allow a quick and qualified training of those who shall later play specific roles inside the Foundation humanitarian project structures. Any opportunity for taking advantage of existing training and welcoming structures shall be taken into account.

Aims and Purposes

The project objective is specifically technical and scientific, since it aims at training medical staff and health care professionals who will be later and mainly employed in the humanitarian projects: “Health comes from the Sea”, “You are not Alone” and other related activities.


We are talking about setting up a structure or, in some cases, using already existing structures to allow the technical, scientific and medical training of the staff who will be later employed on the ships for “Health comes from the Sea”, within the areas of the project “You are not Alone” and inside other related humanitarian activities. This so-called “campus” shall be equipped with healthcare training spaces as well as welcoming services for students coming from faraway countries (European and extra-European countries); they shall be strictly connected with the University of Medicine and shall include laboratories and facilities involved in the learning process of medical, health hygiene and prevention issues as well as the specific knowledge of tropical diseases. In the same way, professional training will also be provided to non-physician healthcare staff with special attention devoted to first-aid, CPR performance, rehabilitation as well as surgery assistance. The campus structure will serve the purpose of improving the training for both medical care and hospital assistance of all people involved in the activity and responsibility of health care management, either on board of ships or in the areas referred to the project “You are not Alone”.

Additional information