Health comes froma the sea

la salute vien dal mare

“Floating” Healthcare Units, represented by four ships equipped with diagnostic instruments, analysis laboratories, and healthcare workers, will provide care and prevention treatments to the populations living in countries bordering the sea, where Healthcare is deficient or for different reasons even absent.

Features and Guidelines

The Purpose Implementing a healthcare service "Harbour to Harbour” able to ensure and to carry out both social and humanitarian needs.

Potential Service Areas The Mediterranean area and Africa

Aims The humanitarian project, due to its healthcare function and health promotion, has socio-economic contents and provides jobs to worksites, healthcare workers and technical personnel. Thanks to the use of advanced and innovative technologies and to its solidarity purposes, it has a relevant worldwide importance.

Methods A complex structure will be set up, in order to provide healthcare services to different populations in countries bordering the sea, where the healthcare is deficient or even absent, based on different reasons. There will be using small and midrange harbours. The implementation of a kind of “Travelling Healthcare Units” will be carried out by means four ships specially equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, analysis laboratories, skilled physicians and healthcare workers. The "floating" medical units will be adapted to dock in small harbours of those countries in which the asset of healthcare/ hospital is insufficient or has not yet been developed.

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