We are talking about service-cities, close to the main Italian metropolis and dedicated to the wellbeing of the elderly and the children: satellite cities, tailored on needs and interests of both users. Medical and paramedical care will be provided to the elderly through facilities which will make implements and professionals available for the treatment of their pathologies. Next to these facilities, social recreation day centres will also be provided for entertainment and sport activities. The same setting will be conceived for the children’s Cities of the Sun, with health care facilities focussed on the psychophysical care and prevention (outpatients’ departments,…
Schools and training centres in strategic areas which, besides introducing and conveying the fundamental criteria of the Culture of Health, will provide qualified staff needed on the ships for “Health comes from the sea” and in the areas involved by the project “You are not Alone”.
Four ships designed and equipped as "floating" healthcare units will provide an itinerant support to the needy populations.
It is primarily though to those people suffering from curable pathologies, which due to a depressed feelings, loneliness, medical aid negligence and worsen hygiene deficiency’s.

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